6th International Bonn Dance Solofestival from 30th September until 14th October 2017

The "International Bonn Solo Dance Festival" is a collaboration of "Theater im Ballsaal" and "Die Bühne in der Brotfabrik".


Funded by: Arts Foundation NRW, Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of North Rhine-Westphalia (Mittelzentren-funding), the city of Bonn.









The renowned biennial Dance Solofestival takes place this year for the 5th time. Organized by theaterimballsaal and Brotfabrik the 6th INTERNATIONAL DANCE SOLOFESTIVAL presents premieres and guest performances from the Netherlands, Mali, Slovakia, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, England, Cuba and Spain. The format "Solo" constitutes a link in the comparison of a variety of self-drafts and presentations.

An individual, alone on stage, leaves the finite nature and dependence of man appear as through a magnifying glass. In the microcosm of the body - in this year exclusively female - reflects the macrocosm of the world: in
uncoventionally perspectives, beyond the mainstream. In the tradition of the western stage dance the solo develops a special setting: the act of representation ("the King is Dancing"), an exibition of virtuosic ability as "big scene" of self-presentation of the subject. Since the beginning of the modern age it is especially the solo, which becomes the genuine medium of production and performance of authorship. From the postmodern dance to contemporary performances it is still the solo of unabated timeliness. This raises questions about the status of (self-) representation and authorship, production conditions and body-political concepts.






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