Saturday 20 February 2016 // 6pm // Künstlerforum Bonn - Premiere

Sunday 21 February 2016 // 11 am // Künstlerforum Bonn


Lucy Suggate




Concept, Direction, Choreography: Lucy Suggate


EUROPEAN PREVIEW. Inspired by the large-scale installations of American artist Tara Donovan, Swarm Sculptures will replace everyday objects with a mass of human bodies creating living sculptures.


The work plays with the tension between momentum, suspension and weight of our form combined with the boundless limits of the human imagination. A swarm of figures travelling through the exhibtion space, transforming it into a performative one.


Swarm Sculptures will be presented in the UK galleries throughout the summer and autumn 2016.



Produced by Dance4. Commissioned by Dance4, Yorkshire Dance and NN Contemporary Art, Northampton. Supported by Nottingham Contemporary and Dancing Museums. Using puclic funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.




Photo: The Bodyfarm
Photo: The Bodyfarm